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In our individual sessions we always include the Genetic-Healing method to transform and solve personal, family and professional challenges, as the new method is even more effective and more profound than the traditional family constellation work.

We have various options for private sessions
Classic Genetic-Healing® Session

In a Genetic-Healing® session all individual topics can be worked on and can be transformed.

Individual timeline session

Since the timeline seminars at the beginning of a new year have been so popular for so long, we now offer the option of booking them as an individual session. All starting projects, phases and new years of life can be set up and transformed and optimized in advance. With a timeline constellation we read in the morphic field and get information about opportunities and developments in different areas of life, such as:

  • Personal development – what is important to me, what wants to develop, what potential needs to be lived?
  • Spiritual advancement – where is my path going, who are my spiritual companions?
  • Relationship / partnership – what challenges are there and how can I meet them?
  • Family topics – parents, children, siblings – what will our topics be?
  • Job situation – how is my job developing? Are there any changes or new things? What supports me in living my calling?
  • Money / finance – what are the trends in this area, what should I pay attention to?
  • Body / health – what does my body need, how can I support my health?

We go into the respective monthly energy and feel the tasks and opportunities that each month, section or project phase brings. In addition, it is possible to identify a time allocation for the individual topics and the developments that want to show up in the course. Blockages or obstacles can be recognized and transformed to a certain extent in advance, so that everything unfolds easier and more fluid. Opportunities can be recognized and implemented with a clear focus. In this way we create a field in which our own growth and further development is much easier. Appointments are offered for private sessions – at the institute in Aschaffenburg or online via a zoom session. Cost: 260 euros per session, duration approx. 1.5 to 2 hours. Offered by: Monika Klotz

Real estate optimizations

In recent years there has been a particularly large number of vacant properties in German cities – not only in remote corners and industrial areas, but often in pedestrian zones, in the city center or in otherwise popular residential areas. There are delays and obstacles in planned real estate projects and landlords know the problem of unusually often changing or non-paying tenants as well as shops that cannot last long, although the location and the business idea is solid.

These challenges aren’t new, but the identification of the causes and the solution of the issues are. In real estate, only external factors have primarily been considered so far, when the real causes are on an energetic level and therefore lie much deeper.

The places we have built and inhabited have experienced and seen so much in the past thousands of years, from wars, diseases and epidemics to prisons, churches, cemeteries and execution sites to murders, accidents and many other injustices. These different uses and events have left their traces and the information is still stored as structures and energies in the respective areas.

Complex interaction of energies and influences

When it comes to real estate issues, complex factors such as the history of the land, the influence of the owners, residents, buyers and sellers play a role. The energetic influences can easily be dismissed as imagination, but if you really get invested in the topic, you have to recognize and feel that places possess and radiate energies that are shaped by what was once there and what is there now.

Innovative, energetic transformation with Genetic-Healing®

With the unique Genetic-Healing® method, we can now bring about profound, energetic transformations that can not only be used for working with people but also with real estate and land that can be energetically optimized.

We can start exactly where the client no longer knows what to do. We find out what is out of balance and what needs to be corrected so that energies can flow and a house or property is energetically neutral.

This innovative method can be used for any type of area or property, from undeveloped sites to private and commercial buildings and areas to large construction sites, large properties and company buildings. After the energetic optimization, nothing stands in the way on this important level, the energies can flow, business can continue and apartments and houses become a place of retreat and source of energy again.


Private individuals: € 350.-
Commercial customers: € 500 (plus VAT)

Larger construction and residential projects on request.

Activation of DNA strings

For ages we have come to earth with a 2-strand DNA, with the genetic make-up of our parents, which makes up almost 10% of our being. Over 90% of our genetic material is epigenetic, which means that events, fates, living conditions and experiences are stored in our genes and turn certain genes on or off. Our own experiences and those of our ancestors over many generations still shape our life. We pass this information on to the next generations via cell division. So we carry the happiness and sorrow of our ancestors in every cell of our body.

Often these impressions also prevent us from growing into something new and bigger, especially in this time of change and the great change that is taking place here on our earth in all areas.

With Genetic-Healing® it is now possible for the first time to energetically activate further DNA strands. Our full potential that we as spiritual beings can live here on earth is possible in a 12-strand DNA. This can now be activated gradually.

The extension to the third strand of DNA is a great, supportive force that helps us to live more of our potential and also to implement it. The third strand of DNA can be activated in all those who are ready to go into a new expanded consciousness, into a new world of ideas that lies beyond what we know. This affects all areas of life.

The newly activated DNA strands do not contain any genetic or epigenetic imprints from past times but pure potential, so that we can experience a great expansion of consciousness.

The activation is carried out as a remote session. Some time should pass between the individual activations so that the energy system can familiarize itself with the new potential.

Cost: € 111 per activation, the session lasts about one hour.

Appointments on the phone / Skype / Zoom:

A family constellation session and supportive energy work is also possible via phone or Skype / Zoom, but requires prior agreement. The procedure is similar to that of a session in person.

You should plan around 1 1/2 – 2 hours for a session.

Agreed dates are binding. A cancellation in urgent cases is necessary at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments that are canceled afterwards are charged at € 100.

The individual sessions can be booked with Monika Klotz.

Cost: € 260.00 (including VAT) per session, duration: approx. 1.5 hours

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