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The new dimension of family and systemic constellations – The solution can be found in the genes

Genetic-Healing® – Areas of application
Slim, finally! Deactivating the genes for excess weight
In the past centuries there have been many famines in our culture and, due to wars, there has been a great lack of food. These events with all their consequences were stored in our cells and passed on to the next generation via the genes. Even if we now have more than enough food to eat, this programming is stored in our genes and is still effective. Our body is still programmed for deficiency and often behaves as if it probably won’t get anything to eat tomorrow.

If, for example, our ancestors compensated for their feelings and unhappy living conditions or relationships by eating, this pattern is also stored and passed on through the genes. Then the food is used to feel better in the short term. Unpleasant feelings are often suppressed with sweets, alcohol or high-calorie food, so that you feel a little better for a short time. But soon a new satisfaction of needs must be found …

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Optimizing houses and real estate
In recent years there has been a particularly large number of vacant properties in German cities, not just in remote corners and industrial areas, but often in pedestrian zones, in the city center or in otherwise popular residential areas. There are delays and obstacles in planned real estate projects and landlords know the problem of unusually frequent changes or non-paying tenants, as well as shops that don’t stay for long, although the location and the business idea appear to be good.

These challenges are not new, but the naming of the causes and the solution to the issues are, because so far in the real estate context, only external factors have primarily been considered. But the real causes are to be found on an energetic level and therefore ocurr much deeper.

The places we have built on and inhabited have seen and experienced so much in the last thousands of years, from wars, diseases and epidemics to prisons, churches, cemeteries and execution sites to murders, accidents and many other injustices. These uses and events have left their traces and the information is stored as structures and energies in the respective areas.

Complex interaction of energy and influences

When it comes to real estate topics, complex factors such as the history of the land, the influence of the owners, residents, buyers and sellers play a role. The energetic influences can easily be dismissed as imagination, but if you really get involved with the topic, you have to recognize and feel that places possess and radiate energies that are shaped by what was once there and what is there now.

Innovative, energetic transformation with Genetic-Healing®

With the unique Genetic-Healing® method, we can now bring profound, energetic transformations that cannot only be applied to working with people but also with real estate and land that can be energetically optimized.

We can start exactly where the client no longer knows what to do. We find out what is out of balance and what needs to be corrected, so that energies can flow and a house or property finally is energetically neutral.

This innovative method can be used for any type of area or property, from undeveloped sites to private and commercial buildings and areas to large construction sites, large properties and company buildings. After the energetic optimization, nothing stands in the way on this important level, the energies can flow, business can continue and apartments and houses become a place of retreat and a source of energy again.

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Limitations of our family of origin
Our parents, grandparents and ancestors have not only passed on their genetic makeup to us via the genes, but also their living conditions, their very personal and oftentimes traumatic experiences, their limitations, fears and acquired characteristics. These are the epigenetic imprints.

They limit us in the different areas of life and ultimately prevent us again and again from coming into our own strength, developing our potential and living the task that we have set ourselves for this life. The limitations that were epigenetically passed on to us often seem so subtle that it almost feels normal for us to be limited. True freedom, our own truth and our true nature are overlaid by these limitations.

These imprints, programs and patterns can be transformed with Genetic-Healing® and deleted from the genes. Meaning the gene switches are disabled so that these programs are no longer effective.

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Feeling of scarcity and poverty
… is very common in our culture, regardless of financial status. Prosperity and abundance should be our birthright. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, as many families in our ancestral line did not live in abundance and prosperity but rather in scarcity.

The inherited feeling of poverty and scarcity is one of the most prominent representatives of epigenetically transmitted influences, which everyone knows who has a good income, but never feels there is “enough” money to feel safe and comfortable.

This inherited structure can show itself when we fail financially and keep spending money after we’ve earned and saved it. But even wealthy people can find themselves feeling a financial scarcity and despite high income, despite real estate or a full bank account, they do not feel financially safe and are plagued by the fear of losing everything at any time.

This includes financial deficiency as well as emotional deficiency, creative deficiency and the feeling “I always come up short / there is never enough for me”.

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Feeling guilt and shame
In many families a guilt issue has been active for generations, which can be felt by the descendants as a feeling of guilt and shame. Financial debt is also often the result of this imprint. The individuals feel guilty in many situations, although there was no event in their own life that would explain such a feeling.

Here, too, is an epigenetic imprint at work that has been passed on from one generation to the next. The in-depth transformation going to the original event is important so that the entire ancestral line can be freed from this epigenetic imprint and the original guilt.

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Female and male programmings
The epigenetic imprints of being a woman are enormous, very widespread and affect, among other things, relationships, professional success, money, self-worth and feminine dignity. Depending on which structures the women in the family lived, the imprints were passed on to the female descendants accordingly. 

In most families, women have been deprived of their dignity. Among other things, one consequence is that women are given less value than men and / or that a silent or obvious struggle is lived between men and women, which finds its expression in countless struggles over power. Relationships of dependency and the suppression of feminine power have an origin here.

Collective codings of women also always have an effect, but these must be resolved separately. The feminine energy of surrender, of receiving, of partnership between man and woman has largely been lost.

Most men are looking for new role models because they don’t want to be like their fathers and grandfathers, but they don’t have a new direction either. If the epigenetic imprints are deactivated and the male wounds transformed to the point of origin, it is possible to be a new man. The man can feel himself without the imprints of the past structures and build a new, authentic relationship with himself. Man and woman can thus live a new form of relationship and pass it on to future generations.

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Deleting abuse or incest epigenetically
Abuse and incest are still taboo subjects in families and in society, but are increasingly emerging from the hidden and becoming public. Statistics say that every 3rd woman and every 7th man come into contact with abuse, incest, or crossing boundaries in their life. If abuse takes place in a family, it can be assumed that this structure and behavior has been active for many generations.

There are always perpetrators and victims in the system. This structure is passed on epigenetically and takes on its own characteristics in each generation. Usually there are those affected who were victims and / or perpetrators. However, it can also be that there is a sense of abuse energy, or the feeling that abuse has taken place but it has not actually happened. If the gene is activated and passed on through the experience of the ancestors, a potential danger can be felt. This widespread structure is a great burden for all concerned and may now come to peace.

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Deleting feelings of inferiority
Our self-worth is closely related to our self-confidence and self-love. Self-love in turn influences us in our relationships, in the professional field and above all in our responsibility to ourselves. 

If the genes for inferiority are switched on, doubts always arise. Self-doubts, doubts about the decisions that are made, doubts about the whole path of life. This gene has often been active for many generations and the feeling of inferiority is very pronounced. Self-love is an unknown word in these families.

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Deleting the addiction genes and living self-determined
The origin of all addictions is the search for love, security, belonging and community, for self-expression and growth, for the origin, the divine part in us, ultimately the search for unity.

Addictive behavior has different manifestations in every family, but is often not recognized as such. It goes from alcohol, nicotine, drugs, work, play or digital addiction, to avoiding self-love, truth, happiness and fun, success and health to an extreme spiritual search e.g. with hallucinogenic drugs. The addiction of the new digital media such as cell phones, computers and social platforms on the internet is increasing and will also be a major challenge in the future.

Addiction can also be latent without being consciously noticed. The tricky thing about it is that a lot of strength is required for this unconscious control so that the addiction does not break out in the known forms. This happens at the expense of life energy, ease and hapiness and, above all, your own dignity as a woman or man.

In order to suppress addiction, you have to focus strongly on a certain lifestyle, e.g. a lot of work, sports, religion etc. and disconnect from your own feelings. All of this prevents us from living fully and easily, which in turn separates us as a whole from love.

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My co-creating with the spirit world
The Hathors are beings who come from another universe and have resided there for infinite times. They have gone through various stages of development and forms of energy. Among other things, they have already experienced a planetary ascent into a higher dimension and are specialized in all areas of ascent. They came to our galaxy via the planet Sirius and are at home in the ethereal realm of Venus. They are masters of love and sound, joy and ease and know many healing energies that are still unknown to us.

This ascended civilization of the 12th dimension worked through the goddess Hathor in ancient Egypt, Tibet and Lemuria.

Goddess Hathor is considered to be one of the oldest ancient Egyptian goddesses. She was also the goddess of love, joy and beauty, music, art, dance and sexuality. The priestesses of the goddess Hathor were called “Hathore”. Hathors were dancers, singers and musicians and this term also referred to prophetic women and prophets.

These highly developed beings usually come in small groups that have certain potentials and orientations. They make their knowledge, love and experience available to us. One of their tasks is to support and accompany us humans in the great change and rising process of the earth. They do this with their loving and joyful ease. They refer to themselves as our sisters and brothers. There is always a warm and benevolent energy emanating from them.

I have been in contact with the Hathors for a long time and feel deeply connected to them. They are masters of love and sound and reach us through the heart. The Hathors involved here are very familiar with healing knowledge, especially in the psycho-emotional area. They show me healing methods that are still so new and exciting for us that I am always amazed when I try them out. And this is just the beginning